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Benefits of Selling For Cash

We are a real estate investment company. To put it simply, we buy and sell properties. From conventional real estate services to innovative, creative home buying and selling solutions, we’re dedicated to one thing: making the sale. Whether it’s mundane or insane, we’re always looking for new ways to approach the way we do business. 


We've worked with many sellers over the years and they all had their reasons for selling their homes for cash. Some were involved in divorce or probate proceedings. Others were downsizing, selling a rental or vacation property, moving out of a home in disrepair, or living far away and inheriting a home they didn’t want to own. Whatever their reasons for selling, we were there to help. At NestGen Capital, we provide sound solutions for every real estate transaction.

10 Great Reasons to Sell Your Home for Cash to NestGen Capital

1. We will make a cash offer within 24 hours.
2. To confirm our commitment, we will deposit your earnest money into escrow, releasing the funds once we have reviewed and approved a preliminary title report.
3. The transaction can close in as little as 15 days!
4. The entire selling process is fast, professional, and hassle-free.
5. We will provide all the forms and paperwork you need.
6. There are no real estate agent fees or commissions.
7. You are working with a local, trusted, experienced family business.
8. There are never any contingencies or inspections. We buy homes as-is.
9. Need a flexible timeline or purchase terms? No problem. We work to fit your needs and your schedule.
10. Local closings through our real estate attorney.

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