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"NestGen Capital is a family business that began out of a desire to help others, and make a positive impact within the community. We take pride in providing practical and effective real estate solutions to our clients. 


We buy homes in any condition, as-is, for all cash and without any fees or closing cost. Whether you have a home that’s in need of extensive repairs, you need to quickly settle an estate, or you simply want to just sell your home, NestGen Capital can help.


We will visit your home, make you an all-cash offer with no strings attached, and close the transaction when it works best for you."

Building a House



Buying, improving, and selling homes throughout Richmond and the surrounding counties is the basis of what we do. Yet, best of all we love giving back to our hometown. We strive to help homeowners settle real estate matters, improve each home we buy, and put individuals & families in quality yet affordable homes. 


We truly enjoy meeting the neighbors in the different communities we serve. Every client helped presents a unique opportunity to get to know the community as a whole, while discovering what makes each neighborhood/area different and distinct to Richmond. 


We believe there’s no one-size-fits all approach to real estate. Some prefer to list their home with an agent, others prefer to work directly with investors such as ourselves. Likewise, some homes require a complete remodel starting with a bare foundation. Others, may simply need a new kitchen, bathrooms, fixtures and paint. 


In either case, we work to provide homeowners with creative real estate solutions that get the job done. If you’re thinking about selling your home, call us at (804) 993-3043, or contact us online.


Cheryl, alumna of Virginia Commonwealth University, graduated with honors and dual degrees from Reynolds Community College in 2015. After several years of dedicated service in dental public health, she decided to devote her efforts toward social entrepreneurship.


Her vision? A real estate service that fosters communities via impact investing. Hence the company's namesake, the greater purpose of NestGen Capital is to provide value by generating eco-friendly homes that sustain the community at large.


Cheryl operates the family business alongside her husband MarcelTogether with their daughter and loveable Schnauzer, they live and work in the heart of Richmond. By living where they work, they’re able to closely track the latest real estate and market trends. Outside of work, Cheryl enjoys yoga, paint parties, and traveling.

Thinking about selling your home?

We buy houses in any condition. As-is. All-Cash. No fees.

Call (804) 993-3043 or contact us online.

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