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Downsizing: Helping Empty-Nesters Move to the Next Life Stage

As families grow, parents are busy keeping up with their kids’ lifestyles: school, birthday parties, and managing households. They often don’t notice their little ones have become teens. Play dates turn into parties—often requiring just as much supervision.

And then things change…

Those rebel-rousing teens no longer ask to borrow the car, but instead heading off to college or moving out on their own. Unless they’re paying close attention, Mom and Dad literally wake up one day and realize their kids are gone and the house is empty. They’ve joined the ranks of empty-nesters.

Some parents find themselves wondering what to do with themselves. Where does that leave them?

Empty-nesters can’t be bundled into categories and handed a road map saying, "Here's what to do next." Depending on their goals, finances and lifestyles, there are a lot of choices. Many choose to downsize.